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What makes Beauty Elizabeth Minerals different?

Beautiful bohemian WomanBeauty Elizabeth Minerals is different than most mineral foundations. It is creamier due to a higher percentage of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide is a skin soothing ingredient that is antimicrobial and also protects your skin from the sun.  Titanium dioxide is also a good natural sunscreen. We are not approved to advertise an SPF because we have not gone through expensive FDA testing. However, Beauty Elizabeth Minerals does contain a high percentage of natural physical sunscreens. If you are in direct sunlight, take precaution and use an additional sunscreen under foundation.

After applying Beauty Elizabeth Minerals, give it a few minutes to warm to your skin.  It will  transform to a beautiful smooth finish, cover your flaws and protect your skin from the elements. This foundation contains Allantoin (an anti-irritant), Apple Poly Polyphenols, Trans-Resveratrol, Green Coffee Bean Extract and a gentle form of Vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. These wonderful additions give your skin a healthy does of antioxidants and protection.

How do I color match?

When trying to find the correct shade, apply a small amount of mineral foundation on your jawbone and blend it well, preferably in the daylight. Allow to warm to your skin for at least 10 minutes before choosing color. You want the undertone to match your skin and blend well into neck area. It’s best to choose a color that will even your skin tone, cover imperfections and lighten up the area around your eyes.  Do not try to find a foundation to give your face “color”, it will look unnatural, use a bronzer for this.

Color Guide Tip:
It helps to look at the inside of your wrist to see what tone you have: neutral, pink, yellow or golden.

Light, Bisque, Light Medium, Shell Beige, Medium & Soft Beige are our neutral shades. If you have a bit of pink or neutral undertones to your skin, one of these shades should work as they all blend well with a variety of skin tones.

Pale Olive, Creamy Olive, Medium Olive & Tan Olive Shade are soft olive shades.  They are not “green” shades but work well if your undertone is yellow.

Cream, Creamy Bisque & Golden Medium, Medium Caramel & Caramel are our soft warm shades for golden skin tones. If your natural hair color has a warm base then most likely this will be your category.

Toffee & Cocoa are our darkest shades. These will work with women with darker complexions.  Remember to let the foundation warm to skin for about ten minutes to judge color accurately.

Can I order a custom color?

Yes, we will blend your personal foundation if you give us the color combination that works best for your skin tone. Example: 1/3 Bisque, 2/3 Creamy Olive.

Clean, Hydrated & Exfoliated Skin makes the best canvas for mineral makeup

Exfoliated and clean skin is key for a smooth application of Beauty Elizabeth Minerals  Exfoliate skin at least once a week or more. Not only will it remove dead skin and debris from your pores, it will help your pores appear smaller. If your dead skin cells are more difficult to remove, you may need to use a professional treatment to jump start the process.

Concealing Tip:
Our minerals cover so well we don’t offer a separate concealer except for our praised under eye brightening crayon. Using the All-Over Concealer brush, dip your brush into face minerals and dab minerals where you want to conceal.  You will look more rested if you conceal any discoloration around your eye area, especially the area between your tear duct and nose. You could possibly use a lighter shade foundation for the under eye area or any imperfections . Pay special attention to conceal around nose folds and lip line area.  After you conceal, you may go back with your Large Buki and blend everything together.

What is Essential Base?

Essential Base is made of Organic Aloe and Organic Jojoba and is designed to mix with our coveted Beauty Elizabeth Mineral Foundation. The Essential Base changes the way minerals are applied and how minerals look and feel on the skin. Super easy to work with results leaving a pore less, creamy finish on the skin. Begin with one pump of base in cap of your Beauty Elizabeth Mineral Foundation and swirl together with Chubby Blender Brush. Apply brush with product directly on face, working in small circles, from the center of your face, outward. Whether you want a sheer tinted look, a full coverage foundation or a highly concentrated concealer, you’re in control with how much base and minerals are added together. Best part…it’s all natural!

Is there anything I can do to minimize large pores?

Once you have applied Beauty Elizabeth Minerals, wait five minutes then buff again with Large Buki Brush. Your pores will appear smaller.  Then apply Finishing Powder to set everything.

What do you recommend for oily skin?

Use Beauty Elizabeth Finishing powder both before and after application of foundation.

A fine mist of moisture dew after makeup application will help set makeup and instantly take away powdery finish.

Should I apply sunscreen before my base?

Yes, Beauty Elizabeth has a lovely physical sunscreen that is lightly tinted and oil free.  Did we mention it doubles as a makeup primer, too. Toxin, Paraben & Oil Free 

Our products do not contain nanoparticles or micronized minerals.


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