Facial Treatments

THE ESSENTIAL FACIAL – $90 50min~ Designed For All Skin Types

Perfectly tailored for all skin types even the most sensitive or acne prone.  Advanced, Therapeutic & Results Driven…Includes relaxing, signature oil cleanse, steam (if suitable), enzyme exfoliation, aromatherapy, nourishing mask, neck and shoulder massage and dewy lip treatment.  Minimum extractions.  Essential for a healthy,vibrant complexion and great for maintenance.  Goal: Brighten, Detoxify, Exfoliate, Calm, Hydrate, Purify, Plump, Protect

SEASONAL OFFERING—ULTIMATE PUMPKIN PEEL FACIAL- $75  50min   Ultimate Pumpkin Peel Facial is ideal for skin with hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, scarring and impacted pores.
Diminishes the look of discoloration, age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation, while re-texturizing and reducing the look of lines and wrinkles. Helps soften visible scarring and alleviate impacted pores. Creates an instant beautiful glow to the skin plus it’s aromatic and relaxing. Local favorite & seasonal for Fall.


  1. CUSTOMIZED OXYGEN INFUSION- $95  50min   A skin-quenching facial treatment leaves skin with an instant healthy, radiant glow.  Vitamins, amino acids and peptides are infused deep into the skin using a unique 2 phase delivery system and 21% pure oxygen.  Ideal for all skin types except stage II acne/rosacea.  Includes neck and shoulder massage.
  2.  DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION-  $95  50min  A gentle exfoliation of the skin’s surface layers using abrasion and suction; helping to remove dead, flaky skin.  Ideal for sun damaged skin, fine lines, age spots, acne , superficial scarring.  This method of exfolation stimulates the production of new skin cells to rise to the surface, leaving a youthful appearance without downtime. +includes customized facial
  3. EXFOLIATE & HEAL CHEMICAL PEEL-  $95  50min   This “game changing” facial treatment includes a layer (or two) or our self-neutralizing peels that exfolaites and promotes healthy skin renewal.  This superstar will soften the skin’s texture, lighten pigmentation, reduce wrinkle depth, fine lines and more.


ACNE FACIAL- $75/each 1 hour total ~ ideal for congested combination/oily, inflamed skin, acneic skin conditions.
This specialized treatment facial helps combat acne fighting bacteria, calms the skin while providing an effective exfoliation either through appropriate enzymes or chemical peel. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and soothing products both aimed to calm, clarify and soothe the skin. Please visit our 12 Week Acne Program page to learn more about this results driven program.

Acne Program?  (Check out the 12 Week Acne Program Page)

Consultation and Treatment $120  75min
Treatment $75 
Consultation Only $50


BACK TREATMENT $80 45 minutes total

Acne or Deep Cleansing~ ideal for all skin types. This relaxing and purifying back treatment focuses on renewing an area the often gets neglected. Customized treatment based on skin’s needs. Extractions performed if necessary. Exfoliation, steam & appropriate mask will leave skin fresh, vibrant and smooth.


*Vitamin C, Peptides, Probiotics, Herbal Tonics, Variety of Clays, Stem Cells, AHA’s, BHA’s, Essential Oils, Steam, Vitamins, Oxygen, Floral Distillates are some the superstars used in the skincare studio. Facial Treatments recommended every 4-6 weeks for maintaining a clean, healthy & vibrant complexion. Series of (3) Treatments are suggested 1-2 weeks apart for ultimately renewing and revitalizing your complexion.



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